Monday, April 7, 2008

RXtortionists update; Windex

Last week, I said you would get updates on my struggle to beat RXtortionist drug prices for non generics here in the United States. Well, today I received an email informing me my prescriptions have been shipped by the Canadian pharmacy. You will be the first to know (well, almost) when the package arrives. Yes, and if all turns out well, I will provide the website. As for Windex in the title today, we use that and similar productd to keep our reflections shining in mirrors and our windows clean. Glass is believed to have been formed eons ago. The earliest man-made glass objects appear to be beads thought to date back to 3500 BCE. Now more than 5,000 years later, we don't even think about glass though it is an integral part of our lives. Medicine would not be where it is in 2008 if not for glass, and in fact, NASA would be thinking "Should we or shouldn't we?" And so much more. Later today I will press my nose up against this amazing material and provide you with an extraordinary examination (albeit brief) of this incredible substance (glass, of course, not my nose). I hope you will visit again either later tonight (10-11 p.m.) or tomorrow.

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