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UFOs, cyberknife and Oops, it's happening again

It simply never stops.
And I simply detest it. 
If response to a column I wrote for The Star a few years ago is any indication, most women find it insulting, demeaning and thoughtless.
What is it?
I loathe when anyone who does not know me well calls me "Honey," "Dear" or anything of that sort. 
I've gotten on my soapbox a number of times with medical professionals and most recently, a young waiter who addressed me as "Dear."
It's simply not acceptable, I told him and so many others over the last few years. 
Not one them would ever address my husband, or for that matter any man, by any of those terms. They would address him as "sir" or by his name.
So then, why call me "dearie" I ask them.
Such faux familiarity means I'm tossed into a nameless group of people viewed as less than adult. Reduced in stature.
Those terms of endearment are how the medical folk and waiters and such address little kids, their own or anyone else's. 
Well, it's been lots of decades since I was a child, and I want to be addressed correctly.
So unless someone is a longtime friend, relative (including my husband, of course) or is greeting me with "Mom" or "Bobi" (Yiddish for grandmother), I tell them, "Please address me by ma'am or my name.
But do not call me "dear." 
Moving on. 
Yes, the government has covered up visits to Earth by ET for more than 40 years, according to a NASA legend.
Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell (pictured) last week said (visits from ETs) "have been covered up by all our governments (cover-ups) for the last 60 years or so, but slowly it's leaked out and some of us have been privileged to be briefed on some of it.
"I've been in military and intelligence circles who know that beneath the surface of what has been public knowledge, yes, we have been visited," Mitchell told major wire service reporters.
He added, "It's happening quite a bit."
Be sure, our technology here on Earth is nowhere near the level of theirs, he said. 
However, not to worry.
"If they had been hostile, we would have been gone now," he said. 
(Additional stories, beyond the link I've included, are easily accessed by googling "Mitchell on aliens." Also google Jesse Marcel Jr. The former flight surgeon in Iraq was a kid of 11 on the farm where the Roswell event took place. He and his father talk about it on their website.)
Moving on, no doubt you've been reading about Patrick Swayze's cyberknife surgery for pancreatic cancer, a virulent and often deadly form of the disease.
Cybernife, a high tech and cutting edge medical procedure is mind-boggling.
A longtime friend, Carol Ring, has undergone the procedure twice for brain tumors, once in Malaysia and also at Stanford University Medical Center in California where Swayze is being treated. (Carol said he was in the bed next to hers, but alas, not at the same time).
Carol is on a personal campaign to let people know about the cyberknife.
Good news.
Carol has agreed to let me write about her experiences under the cyberknife. She and I will be talking (or e-mailing) again, and I can pull information from her many earlier e-mails for next week in this blog. 
Reminder, Michael Cheney's phenomenal one-man show at Atlas Galleries, 535 N. Michigan, Chicago, is from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday (Aug. 1). 
It will be more than worth the trip to the Mag Mile. 
Go back a couple of blogs and check out Michael's work or go to his website at His paintings are unbelievably phenomenal as he captures the soul of the city.
Two blog quickies. 
My little blue Delta Sonic hearing aid continues to change my life.
It is so comfortable behind my right ear with just a light plastic (or some gentle synthetic) piece going into the outer ear canal  from the receiver.
Also we still continue to be very pleased with our decision to purchase expensive medications from
It's mind-blowing how many meds are not available in generic in this country but are elsewhere and at humongously reduced prices.
For anyone not covered by a drug plan or anyone in the so-called "donut hole" of Medicare Part D, just check out the site. 
Have a great week.
 Sorry this is a bit late again. I am doing more freelance writing and time has been less flexible than when I was in my fully retired mode.
But I love being back in the groove.

Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, lunar module commander for Apollo 14, stunned believers and disbelievers alike last week with his assertion that aliens have visited earth.

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